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26 December 2008


On Tuesday I needed to take a trip down to London for an MRI scan. It was early and as I'd booked the rest of the day off work, I decided to become a complete tourist and walk around some of the capital's most famous landmarks. Experimenting with an Olympus Zuiko 21mm f3.5 lens kindly lent to me (all shots are with this lens), I was able to make full use of this super-wideangle lens and the fullframe EOS-5D to grab a few candid shots where the subjects didn't even realise I was photographing them! I love Chinese tourists...!

Outdoor shots: ISO 125
Indoor shots: ISO 1250

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09 December 2008


Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of shooting some photographs of young Eliana. Her parents kindly invited me round for an hour or so to make best use of the soft early afternoon Winter light, which I think we've managed to do, and my trusty EOS-5D has stood up well to the job! All of the shots below were taken at ISO 800.

Forgive me for posting so many photos this time, but, isn't she gorgeous?