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02 April 2009


Tattingstone Tree, by DaveBulow
Tattingstone Crates, by DaveBulow

Continuing on the theme of posting older images, here are a couple of photos taken in Tattingstone, here in Suffolk, not too far from Ipswich.

These Tattingstone Landscape shots were taken about 5-10 minutes apart, back in 2004, with my old Olympus OM system, near the famous 'Tattingstone Wonder' (folly). Behind the tree in the first shot, on the hill, these two old crates just sat there, looking rather sorry, begging for a portrait.

Toned using a customised 'Gradient Map' layer in Photoshop.

Technical Details:
Olympus OM-40 + Zuiko 75-150mm f/4 lens (tree shot) and Zuiko 28mm f/2.8 lens (crates). Fuji Reala 100 film (35mm). Hand-held. Selective burn and dodge layers and toning in Photoshop.

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Anonymous Big Robby said...

Dude - how could this post have no comments. These are amazing photos. I found you on StumbleUpon.com, and if you paid a few bucks to get some forced views, you would probably get a ton of exposure. Great stuff!

23 Apr 2009, 06:09:00  

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