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02 August 2009

River Orwell and Rainbow

River Orwell and Rainbow, Suffolk, July 2009, by DaveBulow

This is the 5th and last photo from my brief photo excursion last Friday. Overall it's been quite fun, really, and it just goes to show that it's possible to take several very different looking photographs within a few miles of one another, and all in the space of about an hour.

Each of them has deliberately been given different post-exposure treatment to further exaggerate these differences. I've found RAW processing to be especially helpful, and you may notice the very cold blue feel to this last image, mainly thanks to being able to choose a different white balance post-exposure.

I hope you've enjoyed receiving them, and feel free to leave a comment on the blog to let me know if you have or if you haven't. Photography is entirely subjective to personal tastes and so I don't expect everyone to like my style.

Technical Info:
Camera: Canon EOS 5D
Lens: Olympus Zuiko 21mm f/3.5 (Yes I've used this lens rather a lot recently)

Some editing in Capture One 4 and Photoshop.

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Anonymous Sam Wade said...

I like this picture, It's quite subtle but still obvious what it is. I notice that the cloud it the top left corner looks almost like a continuation of the rainbow itself. However I personally, might crop it a tiny bit as there is not too much interest in the top of the image. =)

4 Aug 2009, 09:58:00  
Anonymous Chris said...

I like the work Dave, are you using lightroom, photoshop or a combination of both?
I tend to not mess about with my photos too much, maybe I should start!
I'll share some of mine with you http://www.brightonphotographic.co.uk/landscapes.html

26 Nov 2009, 13:25:00  
Blogger DaveBulow said...


Firstly thank you for your kind comments! Also, sorry for taking so long to reply. I've also finally had a chance to take a look at your excellent landscape portfolio. Your choice of composition and catching the light is really very good.

In answer to your question regarding software, I always shoot Raw, then generally put the files through an excellent piece of raw processing software called Capture One (by Phase One), rather than using lightroom, but the results are similar. I then output that to a 16 bit TIFF file, which helps because I often do a fair amount of burning and dodging in PhotoShop before i'm happy. It does vary, though, and some images go virtually untouched once they leave Capture One.

Hope this answers your question. ;)

Thanks again.


16 Dec 2009, 23:22:00  

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