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30 November 2010

Willy Lott's House, Flatford, in the Snow

Willy Lott's House, Flatford, in the snow, by DaveBulow

I cannot claim originality for the above photo in terms of composition, as it is a deliberate 'copy' of one shot in 2001 by Landscape Photographer Ken Rivers. Despite the similarities however, this photograph was taken yesterday. If I can get permission from Ken to show his original alongside it, I will update the blog post to show both.

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Anonymous David Fenwick said...

Just been having a good look through your blog Dave - great shots and beautifully finished. I thought I'd leave a comment on this post in particular as it brings back very fond memories for me. My father was a huge fan of Constable and used to take me on regular pilgrimages to Flatford as a child - never when there was snow though! All the best, David

30 Jan 2011, 10:25:00  

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