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19 March 2010

Wine Spilling onto Carpet (...and a new blog URL)

Wine Glass Spilling Wine onto Carpet, by DaveBulow

Wine Glass Spilling Wine onto Carpet. This wasn't an easy image to shoot, for obvious reasons. Flash essential for freezing action. My wife Manda tipped over the glass when I was ready in position and had pre-focused the lens for the hundreth time.

Today I had to move the DaveBulow Photoblog to a new address (now blog.davebulow.com) as Blogger have stopped supporting FTP blogs. What this will mean for most blog subscribers is, thankfully, absolutely nothing. In fact, if you are receiving this post either by email or RSS/Atom feeds, you are already up-to-date (Email subscriptions have been automatically updated). It just means that if you have any bookmarks to the blog before it moved today, you'll need to update them to the new URL: http://blog.davebulow.com

I thought it would be appropriate to send a test message nonetheless, and since it's been a while, why not send a new photo!

Technical Info:
Camera: Canon EOS 5D
Lens: Olympus OM 50mm f/3.5 Macro lens.
Lighting: Canon EX-580II bounced off a large curtain, triggered off-camera by ST-E2.
A Few minutes in Capture One 4 and PhotoShop.

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Anonymous Sam Wade said...

Heya! Great to see you're posting again. I love the new picture! But i bet it was a nightmare to clean up on that nice clean carpet!

20 Mar 2010, 08:49:00  
Anonymous Emma said...

Did you deliberately ruin your carpet just to get a photo?

20 Mar 2010, 12:11:00  
Blogger bushfire said...

You could shoot a scene like that with orange juice every morning in my house ;o) - 3yr olds hey?

22 Mar 2010, 08:26:00  
Anonymous Shamima Sultana said...

wow...this is really a great photo shoot...
just keep the moment...wow...its amazing

22 Apr 2010, 07:01:00  
Blogger Dave Bulow said...

Thanks very much for all the kind comments. There will be more images soon!

24 Apr 2010, 21:28:00  

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